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Cloud Adoption – SilverLake

Cloud Adoption

Our Expertise on Cloud is designed to support your Journey of Cloud Adoption that drives to digital Transformation Initiatives. We focus on Simple, Sustainable and Scalable Cloud Management Solutions and Services that can be adopted for your enterprise.

Cloud Architecting Service

We devise solutions of your cloud Journey from Architect to Planning, Designing, Migrating and managing your infrastructures on the cloud environment. Our solution adapts to hybrid cloud support to Migration analysis with Commercials forecast and benefit analysis. Our Expert consultant can help you to accelerate your migration process and speed up innovation.

Better Architecting! Better Solutions!! Better Business!!!

Strategic advice to Public Private and Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Deployment solution on IaaS, PaaS & SaaS

Design Optimization & Security.

Integration of existing application to cloud

Cloud Management Services

Our services deliver key capabilities to maximize the availability, continuous optimization and manage your hybrid infrastructure with a self-service catalogue of options and advanced plan of operations to support and manage the workloads consistently to govern service levels. We integrate cloud into your existing services rapidly with our advanced supporting plan.

We Streamline Your Cloud Management Operations

Cost Optimation & Multi-Cloud Management

Automation, Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Cloud Security Monitoring

Backup & DR Management

Cloud Migration Solutions

we combine our experience and innovation to transform complex environments into high-performance engines with zero business impact, faster, cost-effective and risk free migration with minimal down time.

Our Migration services

Migration of Workloads

On-Prem to Cloud

Cloud to Cloud

Cloud Security

We ensure seamless cloud adoption with built in security, resiliency and availability. We help to establish standards of consistency with defined scope, procedures, monitoring and reporting. We suggest integrating of new application with existing security compatibility.

Our cloud security Services includes

Multiple cloud solutions

Hybrid Environments

Identity and Access Management

Monitoring, Governing threats, data leakage

Our Global Presence

SilverLake Is A Spearheading Company With Lots Of Experience On Modern Technologies.


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